Lakkakääpä (Reichi)


Lakkakääpä (Reichi)

Punainen Red Reish Itä-Aasiasta, Ganoderma tukee ja tasapainottaa kaikkien organismijärjestelmien normaalia toimintaa, mukaan lukien yleistä terveyttä ja fyysistä lujuutta. Paksu sieni-jauhe edistää unta ja vähentää väsymystä, antaa energiaa ja auttaa puhdistamaan kehoa.


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Reishi fungus originated in East Asia, and according to traditional Chinese medicine known as reishi as the ”queen of plants” or ”mushroom of immortality” name. Reishi fungus grows in the high mountains of old trees along the sides or sources.

Reishi is linked to all organs, according to traditional Chinese medicine is related to the heart, arising out of its indications.

Reishi is very good for insomnia, giving more energy, calms the mind, nervousness, emotional instability.

Reishi is good for strengthening the brain, a good time for learning tension, improves memory, brainwork, helps to restore the nervous system.

China ganodermat used for the prophylaxis and treatment of oncology, he does not fight directly against the body and strengthens the immune system begins to fight for themselves.

Reishi is good during chemotherapy, strengthens the immune system.

At present, reishi mushroom properties diversely studied in Japan, the US, France and Canada in leading medical institutions. In Japan, Reishi extract is dried off the official list of anti-tumor preparations. Reishi is an excellent adaptogen, which enhances the body’s systems, all operating normally.

Reishi has been able to strengthen the weak, the strong and weakens the body’s immune system, leaving unchanged the normal reaction,

restores hormonal background,

refers to the sedative effects on the central nervous system,

take the pain,

strengthens the cardiac work, lowers the cholesterol level in the blood to clot, and adjusts,

enhances non-specific immunity,

operates efficiently oncological diseases prophylaxis.

It has a toning feature largely activates T lymphocytes function.


– Increases the body’s immune system and strengthen the resilience

– Contribute to purifying the body of toxins

– General to improve the health and physical strength

– Reduces inflammation and pain

– Reduces allergies

Reishi therapeutic properties:

– Analgesic effect

– Anti-allergic activity

– Anti-inflammatory effect

– Antibacterial activity (Staphylococci, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and with respect to Bacillum)

– Antioxidant activity

– Antihypertensive

– Bone destruction brakeman

– The lowering of cholesterol

Recovers the most hormonal background

pointer to calm the central nervous system

-Reduce the following symptoms: insomnia, fright palpitations and forgetfulness

Ganoderma is not a medicine but a food supplement

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